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Attraction Marketing Tips: 4 Ways to Create Content That Attracts Prospects

Do you want people joining your business, or buying your products? Then you’ve got to pull people towards you with something called attraction marketing.

This means to create content in such a way, that gets people seeking YOU out, and asking YOU about your business.

The opposite of this is to bug people who don’t care about your business, or products.

Which sounds better?

Now the question you might be asking is… “How do I create content like this?”

Well, I just happen to have some ways to do this. 🙂

4 Attraction Marketing Tips to Creating Content That Pulls Prospects Towards YOU!

#1. Know Your Target Audience

In order to attract prospects, you have to know your target audience. And to really ramp things up, you need to know where they hangout so you can put your content in front of them.

When you know your target audience well enough this makes your job easier, and your content effective.

Some questions to ask yourself to identify your target audience:

  • Who is my ideal prospect? (Gender, age, back-ground, income level, etc.)
  • What are they struggling with?
  • Where do they like to hangout online? (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc.)

#2. Give Them What They Want

Once you know your target audience, you create content that resonates with them, and get it in front of them.

It’s about creating content that can get them closer to their goals.

Do they struggle with generating leads? Well, create some content (blog posts, videos, articles, etc.) that teaches them a way to generate leads.

The more you solve problems for your prospects, the more they will grow to respect you. And they will begin to follow you. Start thinking of yourself as a problem solver, and eventually your prospects will start to think of you as a problem solver.

#3. Share Your Content Online Far and Wide

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you’ve created a piece of content that it ends their. It DOES’NT!

You’ve got to share your content online to attract prospects. Give them ways to find you.

Share content in places they are likely to hang out. Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, your Facebook page, Pinterest, Google+, or tweet out to Twitter.

There’s also Google, or YouTube where people go to search content through keywords. This is a whole training on its own, but it’s something to think about moving forward.

#4. Be Super Consistent

There is far too many people who slip at being consistent with their business.

They create one amazing piece of content, maybe two, and then think there done. They wait, and wait to see what happens, and if nothing happens they think it’s not working. Thinking they’ve wasted their time.

This is NOT a one-and-done type of thing. You can’t except to put up one, or two, or even ten pieces of content, and think you’re done.

YOU must constantly be creating content. Create one content after the other, and then move on to the next. Every week for as long as it takes. Eventually the compound effect will kick in, and your efforts will start to pay off.

I still get leads from videos, and blog posts that I created ages ago. They’re still out there generating leads for me. That would have never happened if I stopped at my first two pieces of content.

Bonus #5. Generate The Lead!

Why is this a bonus? Because 5 sounds better than 4, and this is important for YOUR business. 😉

In number #3 we talked about sharing your content online. But, the key to this whole thing is to get leads for your business.

Leads are simply prospects who are most likely to buy your product, or join your business. Once you’ve got them as a lead (email list, YouTube subscriber, Facebook like) then you can send them specific content messages, or offers on a consistent basis!


I’ve just shared some killer attraction marketing tips. All that requires from you is to do the work mentioned above.

Did this help you? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

carl davies

Carl Davies

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