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the sales funnel explained

The Sales Funnel Explained (Training Video Included)

Searching for the sales funnel explained.

In this post, I will share exactly WHAT a sales funnel is, and three sales funnel examples you can model from.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel (also known as a conversion funnel) is a buying process that a business person uses to lead a prospect from a cold lead to a hot buyer. Most likely to buy a product, service, or business opportunity.

The basic idea of a sales funnel is to move a lead to a buyer.

Lead > Prospect > Buyer

Now, most newbies to this business think they don’t need one. Without an effective sales funnel in place, most will not succeed.

What Does a Sales Funnel Look Like?

There’s quite a few moving parts, and can vary from business to business.

The four foundational parts are…

sales funnel

The idea behind a sales funnel is to convert a percentage upfront, and engagement the rest through email within a generated email list.

A decision is made to buy only if engagement is consistent, and retention is automatically made throughout.

A successful business will always do this, and the bulk of the revenue is made in this process.

3 Sales Funnel Examples to Model

I did a training video that reveals three sales funnel examples that most businesses use. You can model, and adapt these for your business.

Watch it below…

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  1. Thanks for this quick reminder on sales funnels. It’s important to know your funnel and tweak it over time.

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