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why backing up your website is so important

3 Reasons Why Backing Up Your Website Is So Important

You’ve heard of backing up your computer hard drive just in case something may go wrong.

Well, the same goes for your website.

There’s nothing worse, then losing all that hard work when there is a website crash. Even someone attempting to screw around with files can lead to trouble.

Unfortunately, the threats are real. Backing up helps safeguard your precious website, if anything should happen.

3 Reasons Why Backing Up Your Website Is So Important

#1. Hackers

It’s sad, but hackers have become common on the internet. While the ultimate goal of a hacker is to steal credit card numbers, and sensitive information – most want to cause trouble, or make a name for themselves. If your website is online, there is always the danger that it may become compromised.

#2. Malware and Viruses

Viruses, and malware can find their way into your website via third parties. You could unknowingly download a theme, or plugin included with these parasites, or they can slip through cracks in your firewall.

#3. Updates

Regular updates refer to continuous features and security, but they can go wrong. Websites can have multiple plugins, themes, softwares, and other back-end programs. A single issue to one of these can result in your website going offline.

How To Backup Your Website

If you’ve read this far, then you should be convinced why backing up your website is so important. Here’s a few ways to go about it:

  • Find out if your web host provider can assist.
  • Install a backup plugin. Some plugins allow you to schedule your backups, or download your files to places like Dropbox.
  • Use a ‘just in case’ backup service. Many of these services exist, so do some research.
  • If you have a smaller website, you can compress the files in a ZIP folder, and email to yourself.

Last Thoughts

Backing up your website doesn’t take a lot of time, and is well worth it considering all threats that exist online. Get into the habit today! Don’t become another website owner that has to restart their website from scratch.

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3 thoughts to “3 Reasons Why Backing Up Your Website Is So Important”

  1. Backing up our website is important. You lose all your hardwork, time and resources when everything gets down — you may not even have any way to recover it, except for the backup.

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